y u no caleo ship why *cries


im pretty tired now so i cant give a really educated explanation atm so in short

-shes cursed to love him (which is icky and takes away a lot of calypsos say in things)

-caleo is a major case of pair the spares (which Riordan is very guilty of in many cases as a way of avoiding actually developing individual characters and instead sticking them in a pairing which apparently immidiately and magically eradicates all of their problems) 

-adding onto the above point i think that the whole “a relationship will solve all of your problems and is what you should be shooting for” thing is the wrong message to be sending to young children im not saying thats what hes trying to do but its one of the things that comes across in the books 

so leo who is desperate for a relationship from the beginning i would have expected (or hoped) that he would have a more personal development such as coming to terms with himself (realising that he doesnt need another person to validate his worth)-some sort of involvement with his mother in the plot like seeing his mother in the underworld and finally getting to have a heart to heart with her and forgiveness all around i expected him to try and find his mother because of the line “‘nothing is unfixable” except the fact youre gone forever’ which sounded like foreshadowing to me tbh but instead rick gives us a couple of chapters of yet another unnecessary relationship beecoouuss das mur impurtant

-their personalitys dont naturally go together well so both of these characters (that i really really like) had to be butchered to make them suitable  for each other thus making the caleo chapters seem forced and really really badly written 

so in conclusion caleo had potential for fanfictions but is a really weak route for somebody writing as a profession 

i could probably write way more but im exhausted rn and nobody wants to read that shit so